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Banana Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that hails from the West Coast. Medical marijuana patients seek out this strain for it’s slightly buzzy, soothing, and mood-elevating effects. This strain’s Kush heritage lends it a boost of cerebral and creative effects. This strain is known for its bold banana flavor and tropical aromas. *This product does not contain terpenes from cannabis. The terpene varietals in this product line are inspired by classic cannabis strains.

This high-CBD vape offers a smooth flavor and mellow aroma. Banana Kush terpenes are

This is a “broad spectrum” hemp vape. That means it contains the full variety of natural cannabinoids except for THC. This particular vape does not contain any forms of THC.



  • Full-spectrum with a high concentration of CBD
  • 510-threaded vape cartridge
  • Available in 1 gram size
  • Ceramic heating element and glass tank for the cleanest, purest flavor
  • Made with hemp distillate for a smooth, clean flavor with potent cannabinoids
  • Our hemp comes from Colorado hemp farms within the PhytoFamily Farms network
  • Custom-blended terpenes inspired by classic cannabis strains
  • These terpenes come from botanical sources excluding hemp or medical marijuana


Sweet fruity notes with a punch of pungent banana. The base flavor of the hemp distillate in this vape adds an earthy, creamy note that softens and warms the flavor.


Banana Kush is high in beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool.

Terpene Effects:

Banana Kush terpenes have a soothing and mood-lifting effect that can increase creativity and talkativeness.

How to Use:

Compatible with any 510-threaded vape battery. This product must be vaped at low temperatures because of the high terpene concentration. Terpenes are very sensitive to heat, and the most delicate terpenes will boil off at low temperatures. Low-temp dabbing ensures that you taste the true flavor of the extract without burning the delicate terpenes that give the extract its complex flavor and aroma. If you are using a wax pen or vape pen, make sure it is on the lowest heat setting.

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Hemp distillate, terpenes from botanical sources.

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Additional information

Vape Size

.5 Gram (510 cart), 1 Gram (510 cart)




Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool


Banana Kush