Gummy Combo Sampler Packs – D8, D9, D10, CBN, CBD


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Combo Packs Contain 4 Gummies in Total

Widen your horizons with combo packs of Pixel Pour gummies – try a new cannabinoid or find your favorite flavor. These sample packs have 2 pieces of each listed cannabinoid/flavor combination.  We highly recommend you start with 1/8-1/4 of a gummy and wait 2-3 hours before taking more.  These products are powerful and effect everyone differently.

Cannabinoid Options

Delta 8 provides effects that can be great for socializing and creative projects.  As you increase the dose it can be a very good choice for night time.  Delta 8 is definitely a great general purpose cannabinoid to have in your gummy cabinet.

Delta 9 is derived from hemp and federally legal.  We live in a beautiful time.  The effects of this molecule are well known.  We recommend you start slow with a 1/4 gummy or less.  Add a Full Spectrum CBD Gummy to create a broader terpene profile.

CBN is a well known cannabinoid for night time.  It is best paired with either CBD, D8 or D9.  Always start with a 1/4 gummy, learn how the product effects you.  Do not take more gummies for at least 3 hours as the effects can be delayed, and you will typically want take fewer milligrams of this CBN than you would with other cannabinoids.

CBD provides a great base cannabinoid, but the real magic happens when you combine it with other cannabinoids. Our CBD gummies are full-spectrum, so they naturally contain small amounts of other cannabinoids.


Additional information

Combo Pack - 4 Pieces 50/50

50mg CBD Blue Raspberry + 50mg D8 Black Cherry, 50mg D8 Galactic Grape + 10mg D9 Blue Raspberry, 50mg D8 Blue Raspberry + 10mg D9 Black Cherry, 50mg D8 Cherry Slushy + 5mg CBN Black Cherry, 50mg D8 Blue Raspberry + 25mg CBN Galactic Grape